Photography & Video

Paul Mindell, Trek to Election in the Time of Covid, time-lapse video.

Ethan Greenbaum, Untitled. Gif.

This GIF is a collage of images of found objects on the streets that I’ve taken on my way to my studio.

Isa Caridad

Pictured: Lynn Needle/
Photography by: Sam Liu and Zigi Putnins 
Sundays in the Park #07450Together
Premiere of Hope
August 2020, Ridgewood, NJ 

Hank Bordowitz, 8:46 (I Can’t Breathe), video. 8:46 min.

Marshall Katzman, Master Jabberwocky, Mister Radio. Video. 2:33 mins.

Jabberwocky was a concept that I started thinking about while studying television production in 1970 at the University of Michigan. At that time Jabberwocky was recorded in a black and white television studio using 2” recording tape, combining puppets with live actors. The opening and closing segments of this updated color production utilize the original puppets that were used in the black and white version some 50 years ago. Ironically I started creating the Jabberwocky puppet long before the Corona Virus hit the world stage but its uncanny resemblance to my puppet has given me some hope that humanity will prevail.
– Marshall Katzman